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Security notice for the 2023 Income Campaign

During the 2023 Income Campaign, remember that cybercriminals can try to deceive you by impersonating the Tax Agency through fraudulent emails (phishing) or SMS (smishing).

Remember, the Tax Agency:

  • It does not request confidential, financial or personal information, account numbers or card numbers by email or SMS, nor does it attach attachments with invoice information or other types of data.

  • Never make refunds to credit or debit cards, not even using BIZUM.

  • He never charges any amount for the services he provides

  • If you have requested an appointment, the Tax Agency can contact you by telephone. In the case of the Income Campaign, the telephone number from which we can call you is 810520052 (or from 917276222 if you have provided us with a foreign telephone number)

What to do if in the Income Campaign:

  • You receive an email supposedly sent by the Tax Agency: Do not download documents or files attached to the email and do not click on the links they send you to receive refunds. In any case, if they ask you for confidential information, delete it.

  • You receive an SMS supposedly sent by the Tax Agency with links to receive tax refunds or if they request confidential information: delete it.

If any type of fraud is identified, we appreciate citizen collaboration by reporting through the channels enabled by the Tax Agency: Collaborate to prevent Internet fraud .

For more information you can consult Security Notice .