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Home Income and Wealth Campaign 2023

As of April 3, all the help services are available to review your draft, modify it and, where appropriate, present your 2023 Income Tax return online through Income WEB or through the APP.

After the navigation improvements incorporated in the last campaign in the Renta WEB aid program, this year adaptations have been made to facilitate the incorporation of information in specific cases, in the case of garages and storage rooms (accessory properties), and the navigation to modify a declaration, already submitted, so that the taxpayer will simply have to modify the corresponding amounts and the system will automatically carry out the rest of the necessary actions. The Tax Agency's APP also has specific improvements to continue facilitating the presentation of the declaration also in this way, such as the modification of the payment method and its installments.

In turn, taxpayers will have this year with an expanded content version of the Virtual Income Assistant, which was launched in the previous campaign to resolve their doubts. If the responses from the virtual assistant do not contain all the required information, the taxpayer can access the Income Informator, with all the information structured by content blocks, or connect by chat with specialists from the Comprehensive Digital Administration (ADI).

In the Income Campaign 2023 space on the website, a series of explanatory guides have been published with the most notable developments for this campaign.

The 2023 Heritage declaration will also be presented online starting April 3.

Link to Income Campaign 2023