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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2019

10.8. Castilla y León

The following deductions may be applied to the autonomous part of the full quota of taxpayers residing in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León:

  1. 10.8.1. For taxpayers affected by disability
  2. 10.8.2. For the acquisition of homes by young people in rural areas
  3. 10.8.3. For amounts donated to foundations of Castilla y León and for the recovery of historical, cultural and natural heritage
  4. 10.8.4. For amounts donated to promote research, development and innovation
  5. 10.8.5. For amounts invested in the recovery of historical, cultural and natural heritage
  6. 10.8.6. To promote sustainable mobility
  7. 10.8.7. For rental of habitual residence for taxpayers under 36 years of age
  8. 10.8.8. By investment in environmental and adaptation facilities for people with disabilities in habitual residence
  9. 10.8.9. For the purchase of new construction property for primary residence
  10. 10.8.10. Deduction for the promotion of entrepreneurship
  11. 10.8.11. For investment in rehabilitation of homes intended for rent
  12. 10.8.12. Deductions. Amount generated in 2016, 2017 and 2018 pending application
  13. 10.8.13. For large family
  14. 10.8.14. By birth or adoption of children
  15. 10.8.15. For multiple births or simultaneous adoptions
  16. 10.8.16. For multiple births or simultaneous adoptions produced in 2017 and/or 2018
  17. 10.8.17. For care of minor children
  18. 10.8.18. For paternity
  19. 10.8.19. For adoption expenses
  20. 10.8.20. Due to Social Security contributions for domestic employees