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Form 100. 2019 Personal Income Tax return

10.8.9. For the purchase of new construction property for primary residence

The taxpayer may deduct for five years, 7.5% of the amounts paid for the purchase of the home that is going to be their habitual residence, and must simultaneously meet the following requirements:

  • The taxpayer has his/her usual residence in Castile and León.

  • The first home is your home.

  • The property is in Castile and León.

  • New home. New construction property will be considered as those located in buildings for which the new construction project's approval was obtained between 1 September 2011 and 31 December 2012.

The deduction base will be constituted by the amounts paid for the acquisition, including the costs borne by the purchaser, and in the in the case of third-party financing, the repayment, interest, cost of the equity hedging instruments of mortgage loans and other costs derived therefrom. In the event of the application of the aforementioned hedging instruments, the interest paid by the taxpayer will be reduced by the amounts obtained by the application of the aforementioned instrument.

The maximum deduction base will be 9,040 euros per year.

When you purchase a main home, having received the deduction for the purchase of other habitual residences, you will not be able to deduct the purchase as long as the amounts invested in the new one do not exceed the amounts invested in the previous ones, insofar as they have been deducted.

When the disposal of a habitual residence has generated an exempt capital gain for reinvestment, the deduction base for the acquisition of the new one will be reduced by the amount of the capital gain to which the reinvestment exemption is applied. In this case, no deduction can be made for the acquisition of the new one, while the amounts invested in it do not exceed the price of the previous one, insofar as it has been the object of deduction, as well as the exempt capital gain for reinvestment.

The deduction may be applied in the tax year in which the first amount for the purchase of the property is paid and in the following four tax years.

When, in tax periods subsequent to the application, the taxpayer loses the right, in whole or in part, to the deductions made, it will be obliged to add to the regional net tax payable in the financial year in which the deduction requirements have been breached the amounts unduly deducted, plus late payment interest.


A window will open where the following three fields must be filled in: The total amount paid with the right to deduction must then indicate the date of the approval of the project for the execution of the new work of the property, to finally indicate the year in which the first amount for the acquisition has been paid, for the purposes of calculating the deduction for the established period of 5 years.