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General Directorate of the Tax Agency

Soledad Fernández Doctor

Headline:Soledad Fernández Doctor

Graduate in Law from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas-ICADE and State Tax Inspector.


Until her appointment as Director General of the State Agency for Tax Administration by Royal Decree 436/2022 of 8 June, she performed her duties as Special Delegate for Madrid.

During her professional career, she has held, among others, the positions of President of the Central Economic-Administrative Court, Director of the Tax Management Department, Director of the School of Public Finance, Director in Spain of the EURO 2002 Campaign of the European Central Bank, Deputy Director of Information and Assistance to Taxpayers in the Tax Management Department, Special Delegate of the Tax Agency of Asturias and Deputy Special Delegate of the Tax Agency of Madrid.

He has also carried out teaching activities in public and private entities and participated in consultancies and international meetings.

Functions of the Directorate General

It directs the implementation of the Agency's Action Plan and the day-to-day running of the Agency's services and activities.

It is also responsible for executing the agreements adopted by the Presidency, acting as the head of the staff and drawing up the preliminary draft budget and the action plan.As well as those functions delegated by the President of the Agency.