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Organisation chart


  1. Structure of the State Agency of Tax Administration
  2. Presidency of the Tax Agency
  3. Standing Management Committee
  4. Security and Control Commission
  5. General Directorate of the Tax Agency
  6. Office of the Directorate-General
  7. Delegated Intervention
  8. Taxation Management Department
  9. Financial and Tax Inspection Department
  10. Collection Department
  11. Customs and Excise Duties Department
  12. Tax Information Technology Department
  13. Human Resources Department
  14. Legal Services
  15. Internal Audit Services
  16. Economic Management Service
  17. Tax Studies and Statistics Service
  18. Planning and Institutional Relations Service
  19. Permanent Technical Secretariat of the Superior Council for the Management and Coordination of Tax Management
  20. Large Taxpayers Central Office
  21. Coordination bodies