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Office of the Directorate-General

Director of the Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Office of the General Directorate of the Tax Agency

Headline:Francisco Javier Hernández García

Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management from Comillas Pontifical University (ICADE-E3).He has been a member of the Senior Corps of State Tax Inspectors since 2011.


Before his appointment as Director of the Office of the Director General by Resolution of 4 December 2017, of the Presidency of the Tax Agency, he held the position of Coordinator of the Office.

In the Tax Agency, he began his professional career in the Special Office of Catalonia.

Functions of the Cabinet of the Directorate-General

It performs advisory and support functions for the head of the Agency's Directorate General.


  • Coordinator

    • David Tacero Luengo

  • Advisors

    • Emilio Sampedro Ibáñez

    • Pablo Grande Serrano

    • Jacobo Sanz Ruiz

Integrated in the Cabinet, reporting directly to the Directorate-General of the Tax Agency

  • International Relations Coordination Unit

    • Teresa Díaz-Miguel Pérez

  • Central Unit for Analysis and External Dissemination (UCADE)

    • Georgina de la Lastra Leralta