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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018 Common standards


The amount of the deductions for fiscal year 2018 and the balances pending to be applied from previous fiscal years may not exceed jointly of 25 percent of the quota that results from reducing the sum of the full state and regional or complementary contributions (boxes 0514 and 0515) in the total amount of the deduction for investment in habitual residence (boxes 0516 and 0517), for investments and expenses in assets of cultural interest ( boxes 0519 and 0520) and by investment in new or recently created companies (box 0518).

However, this limit is raised to 50 per 100 regarding general regime deductions, when the amounts of deductions for research activities scientific and technological innovation and for the promotion of information and communication technologies that correspond to expenses and investments made in the tax period itself, exceed 10 percent of that same quota.

These limits are calculated and applied by the program.


The amounts corresponding to the tax period not deducted because they exceed the maximum limit may be applied, respecting the same limits, in the settlements of the tax periods that end in the immediate and subsequent fifteen years.

However, the amounts corresponding to deductions for scientific research and technological innovation activities and for the promotion of information and communication technologies may be applied in the settlements of the tax periods that end in the immediate and subsequent eighteen years.

Deductions pending to apply as of January 1, 2018.

Deductions pending to be applied on January 1, 2018 from previous years may also be applied within a period of 15 or 18 years, as appropriate.


The assets subject to the deductions provided for in articles 35 to 39 of the Corporate Tax Law must remain in operation for five years, or three if they are movable assets, or during their useful life if shorter.

Together with the fee corresponding to the tax period in which non-compliance with this requirement is manifested, the deducted amount will be entered, in addition to late payment interest.


The same investment may not give rise to the application of the deduction to more than one person or entity.


The calculation of deductions for business investment is not carried out by the program.

For the purposes of completion, for each deduction a data capture window will open in which you must provide the amount of the deduction, not the investment , and the amount you wish to apply, The latter may be lower if you do not want to apply the entire amount in the 2017 declaration.

The program will apply the amount provided as long as it does not exceed the established maximum limits. If the indicated amount exceeds the applicable limit, the latter will be applied.