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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018 Deductions for fiscal year 2018

The investment modalities regulated in articles 35 to 38 of the Corporate Tax Law will be included.

  1. Common standards
  2. For expenses and investments in research and development and technological innovation activities
  3. By investment of benefits
  4. For investments in film productions, audiovisual series and live performing arts and musical shows
  5. For job creation for workers with disabilities
  6. For job creation
  7. Special regime for Mediterranean games 2018
  8. Special regime "200th anniversary Teatro Real"
  9. Special regime “VIII Anniversary University of Salamanca"”
  10. Special regime ”IV centenary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes”
  11. Special regime “VII centenary of the University of Salamanca”
  12. Special regime "Barcelona Equestrian Challenge”
  13. Special regime "Women's hockey world league"
  14. Special regime “II centenary of the Prado National Museum”
  15. Special regime “20th Anniversary of the Reopening of the Gran Teatro del Liceo of Barcelona and the bicentennial of the creation of the Societat d¨Accionistes”
  16. Special regime “"Ibero-American Cities Forum"”
  17. Special regime "Málaga decade plan for innovative culture 2025"
  18. Special regime “World Championships with FIS Freestyle”
  19. Special regime "Twenty-Fifth Anniversary"
  20. Special regime “"European Water Polo Championship 2018"
  21. regime "Centennial of the Birth of Camilo José Cela"
  22. regime "Caravaca de la Cruz 2017. Jubilee Year"
  23. regime “2020 Plan to support Grassroots Sports”
  24. Special regime “Prevention of Obesity. Brighten your life”
  25. Special regime “75th anniversary of William Martin, the English legacy"
  26. Special regime “"Around the world departure event"
  27. Special regime for preparation of Tokyo 2020 athletes
  28. Special regime 25th anniversary of the House of America.
  29. Special regime "World Roller Games Barcelona 2019"
  30. Special regime "Madrid Horse Week 17-19"
  31. Special regime "The World Challenge League"
  32. regime "V centenary around the world of Magellan and Elcano"
  33. Special regime "25th anniversary Unesco declaration of Mérida"
  34. Special regime "2019 Canoe World Championship"
  35. Special regime "250th Anniversary of the Population Charter 1767"
  36. Special regime "IV Centenary of the birth of Murillo"
  37. Special Regime "Numancia 2017"
  38. Special regime "PHotoEspaña. 20th anniversary"
  39. Special regime "IV centenary of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid"
  40. Special regime "XXX of the declaration of Toledo Heritage"
  41. Special regime "VII cent. archive of the Crown of Aragon"
  42. regime "Lorca, Classroom of History."
  43. Special regime "Reading Promotion Plan (2017-2020)"
  44. Special regime "2020 Plan to support New Creators"
  45. Special regime "40th anniversary Almagro Theater Festival"
  46. Special regime "75th anniversary of the Diplomatic School"
  47. Special regime "Teruel 2017. 800 years of Lovers"
  48. Special regime "40th Anniversary of the Spanish Constitution"
  49. Special regime "50th anniversary Sitges Film Festival"
  50. Special regime "50th Anniversary of the Autonomous University of Madrid"
  51. Special regime "Hernandiano Year 2017"
  52. Special regime "Milliarium Montserrat Decade Plan"
  53. Special regime "I centenary Ordesa National Park"
  54. Special regime "I Centenary of the Picos de Europa"
  55. Special regime "50th editionInternational Jazz Festival"
  56. Special regime "Centenaries of the Royal Site of Covadonga"
  57. Special regime "Junior World Handball Championship 2019"
  58. Special regime "Andalucia Valderrama Masters"
  59. Special regime "The Transition: 40 years of freedom"
  60. Special regime "Barcelona Mobile World Capital"
  61. regime "Ceuta and the Legion, 100 years of union"
  62. Special regime "Triathon World Championship"
  63. Special Regime "Badminton World Tour"
  64. Special Regime "New Goals"
  65. Special Regime "Logroño 2021 our V Centennial"
  66. Special Regime "Holy Jacobean Year 2021"
  67. Special regime "VII anniversary of the Cathedral of Burgos"
  68. Special Regime "Inclusive Sports"
  69. Special Regime "Spain Capital of Young Talent"
  70. Special Regime "Coronation of our Lady of Rocio"
  71. Special Regime "Transfer of the Image of Nª Sª del Rocio"
  72. Special Regime "European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018)
  73. Special Regime "Nerodegenerative Diseases 2020"
  74. Special Regime "Camino de la Cruz de Caravaca"
  75. Special Regime "XXV Anniversary of the declaration by UNESCO"
  76. Special regime "750th Anniversary of the Raya for Ayamonte"
  77. Special Regime "Automobile Barcelona 2019"