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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018 By investment of benefits

Deduction percentages:

  1. Taxpayers will have the right to a deduction of 10 percent of the net income from economic activities of the year that are invested in new elements of tangible fixed assets or real estate investments affected by economic activities carried out by the taxpayer. .

    For these purposes, it will be understood that the net income from economic activities of the tax period is the subject of investment when an amount equivalent to the part of the positive general taxable base of the tax period that corresponds to such income is invested, without in any case the same amount can be understood as invested in more than one asset.

  2. The deduction percentage will be 5 percent when the taxpayer has made the reduction provided for in section 3 of art. 32 of the Personal Income Tax Law or its Additional Provision 27, or it concerns income obtained in Ceuta or Melilla with respect to which the deduction “for income obtained in Ceuta or Melilla” of article 68.4 of the Law would have been applied.

The amount of the deduction may not exceed the sum of the full state and regional quota for the tax period in which the net income from economic activities indicated above was obtained.