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Obtaining tax certificates for third persons. Stay up to date with tax obligations

General Details


Obtaining tax certificates for third persons. Stay up to date with tax obligations

Procedure type





Provide directly, telematically and immediately to Public Administrations, tax certificates of third parties that they require for the processing of administrative procedures within their jurisdiction, provided that said direct transfer of tax information has the prior consent of the taxpayer or is provided for in a law.

Responsible body

State Revenue Office

General information of the procedure

Start form


Applicant: Administration

Place for presentation


Phases of the procedure/service

Start: Completion of the online application and electronic submission.

Procedure: Cross-checking of the application data with the AEAT database. Official intervention only in cases in which the issuance of the certificate through automated administrative action is not possible.

End: Issuance of the telematic certificate, through automated action when possible or deferred if immediate issuance is not possible. Once the certificate is issued, the taxpayer may express his/her disagreement with any of the data that is part of its content within a period of 10 days, counted from the day following receipt, by writing in which he/she requests the modification of the certificate, to which the evidence deemed appropriate to prove your request will be attached. If the issued certificate is deemed incorrect, a new one will be issued within 10 days. If it is not considered appropriate to issue a new certificate, the taxpayer will be notified stating the reasons underlying it.


Electronic processing

Resolution deadline

Does not have

Resolution body

State Revenue Office

Information linked to electronic processing

Identification system

Electronic certificate

Interactivity level

Level 5: Proactive


Basic Regulations