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New feature on the Tax Agency's app to pay, postpone and view

The Tax Agency incorporates a new service to its 'app' to make the deferral request, consultation and payment of debts more agile.

You can download the Tax Agency 'app' here: Tax Agency: Tax Agency App

A new functionality in the mobile application will allow you to carry out the most common procedures in the collection field, saving time and travel, without time limitations and in a simple and fast way (see here the leaflet , the usage guide and videos ( long version / short version ) on the use of the three functionalities) .

The taxpayer will be able to request total or partial deferrals, check the status of their debts and obtain a certificate of being up to date if they had debts and make the corresponding payments, all of this almost instantly.

Since July 4, 2022, a new service has been available in the Tax Agency's mobile application for requesting deferrals, consulting and paying debts quickly, easily and without time limitations, so that taxpayers Time and travel will be saved when carrying out the most common procedures in the collection field.

With this improvement, which will also benefit those who choose to carry out the procedures through the Agency's website (, the user will be able to request total or partial deferrals, consult the status of their debts and obtain a certificate of being up to date if you had debts and make the corresponding payments, all almost instantly, with the consequent reduction of indirect costs.

In the case of deferrals, the response of the Tax Agency to the taxpayer's request may also be immediate. In most cases, the file will be resolved in a matter of seconds and, if the applicant has subscribed to the Agency's notification system, an immediate notice will be sent with the resolution of the application via 'push' notification in the app itself, by email to the address provided, or by SMS to the mobile phone number that the taxpayer has provided.

Navigation within the new functionality of the 'app' has been designed to be comfortable and intuitive, while offering the content in a concrete and simple way. To access the service in the 'app' it is required to have 'Cl@ve', as an identification system for personalized services, a system that is currently used by more than 50% of the natural persons who interact with the Tax Agency ( more information to Register in Cl@ve: Tax Agency: Cl@ve )

The launch of the new service is accompanied by help documentation (use guides and additional information on each of the options that appear while browsing the 'app', as well as various explanatory videos) that are easy to read for all taxpayer profiles. For more information, consult the Rec@t of the Tax Agency 91 553 68 01: Tax Collection Helpline, REC@T.

Once the user chooses the option that encompasses the entire service ('Pay, defer and consult debts'), in the first navigation level three large differentiated accesses appear that correspond to the three groups of procedures stated in the general access to the service.

In each of these sections, navigation subsections are available so that the user can choose the one that best suits their payment needs ('Pay all my debts', 'Selection of a debt', 'Partial payment of a debt ' and 'Payment of seizure proceedings' when you are not the debtor), the postponement ('Request postponement or installment of debts') and the consultation ('Consult debts' and 'My Payments'). Also in the corresponding sections, the user will have direct access to the interest and deferral calculators.

After choosing the specific procedure they want to carry out, the user will be able to complete it following simple steps through linked screens and will receive the proof from the Agency corresponding to the procedure carried out just as instantly.

Along the same lines of simplifying the process as much as possible, in the deferral and deposit procedures, by default, the last account used by the taxpayer in any procedure with the Agency is offered. Likewise, the card payment alternative is accessible to more collaborating entities in a list that the taxpayer can consult in the 'app' itself.