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Available the Single Point of Entry of the Customs Single Window (PUE-VUA) and forms in the electronic office for the request for ROHS/RAEE control

Royal Decree 993/2022, which adopts control measures for the import of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) from third countries , with entry into force on January 16 of 2023, establishes a prior control for the importation of these products so that the EEE complies with the provisions that apply to them and so that, in any case, these devices do not entail any risk to the safety of users, the environment. environment or other public interests, which will be carried out by the SOIVRE Inspection Service.

For the purposes of carrying out this control, Customs has a specific TARIC measure created at the national level to collect the list of products that will be affected. Specifically, it is the ROHS measure - Import Control - Safety of electrical and electronic devices. 

Two systems have been put into operation for the telematic management of requests by operators:

  • Through a new telematic management model within the Customs Single Window, called Single Entry Point (hereinafter, PUE) , which consists of web services enabled by the AEAT for shipment and reception of information, which will require computer development by companies or service providers, to launch computer applications that allow interested parties to interact with these web services.

  • Through forms enabled by the AEAT for sending information to the PUE which can be accessed from the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency.

Through these systems, two types of control are managed, ROHS control and WEEE control, with independent results and dispatch can only be carried out if a result of compliance with the two controls has been obtained. The certificate may be issued for a customs pre-declaration (PDI, PDC) or for a customs declaration (DUA, DVD).

Prior to the mandatory control that will begin on January 16, 2023, during a transitional period of time, the request for control will be voluntary for the purposes of system testing and may be carried out by the web services or through the forms enabled by the AEAT in the electronic office.

Those economic operators who want to send applications through this system must declare the code 1234 in box 44 of the DUA. This code will only be usable in the testing period, once the control is mandatory this code will no longer be applied.

Real Decreto 993/2022, de 29 de noviembre,

por el que se adoptan medidas de control para la importación de aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos, pilas y acumuladores procedentes de terceros países.