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Publication of news of the CAU import declaration and its calendar, as well as the NIM document

Import declarations CAU and Notification of Registration of Goods in registry by operator ( NIM )

  • Calendar.  CAU import declarations:
    • 05/28/2024: Production of statements {A, D, Z, V}
    • 09/30/2024: PRE-production testing of statements {B, E, X}
    • 01/12/2025: Production of statements {B,E,X}
    • March 2025 : Closing DUA of current import
    • April 2025 : Trial period for the rest of the declarations {C, F} and complementary to the previous ones {Y, U}
  • Calendar. Merchandise Registration Notification (NIM)
    • 07/01/2024: PRODUCTION Notification of Merchandise Registration -NIM- Union Customs Code, I2

Documentation at Headquarters AEAT

Access to Technical Guides - DUA Presentation (Single Administrative Document) (Technical Guides: Presentation of import declaration).

  • Import technical guide adapted to CAU V3.3
  • Rules and conditions adjusted to EUCDM and Spanish Customs V3.3
  • Additional information Import CAU V3.5
  • Import scenarios adapted to CAU V3.0
  • CAU Import Consultation Service V2.3

Access to Tax Agency: Technical guides - Notification System for Registration of goods in the declarant's records

  • Technical guide for Goods Registration Notification V 0.4
  • Rules and Conditions NIM V 0.2

Import system CAU-CCI import declarations: Access to List of tables for the testing period (List of code tables used in CCI ).

Other considerations

  • Notification of Registration of Goods Prior to Dispatch of the Union Customs Code, I2: is a message whose MRN may be declared in declarations of type Z, V as a preceding document.
  • Within “Complementary information Import CAU V3.5” in the offprint, “Offprint 1: Previous Document. Box 1201”, refers to how and when to declare the NIM document and its relationship with the CAU import declaration, its relationship with document NCLE and the consistency between the aforementioned declaration and the NIM statement.