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Tax Form 100.2021 Personal Income Tax Return Declaration

This publication is for information purposes only

  1. 1.Introduction
  2. 2.Obligation to file
  3. 3.General issues
  4. 4.Completion.Preliminary issues.
  5. 5.Personal, family and general data
  6. 6.Incorporation of tax data
  7. 7.Fill in Income Tax return (I)
  8. 8.Fill in Income Tax return (II)
  9. 9.Filling in Personal Income Tax.Annexes A
  10. 10.Filling in Personal Income Tax.Annexes B
  11. 11.Additional information Annex C.1
  12. 12.Additional information Annex C.2
  13. 13.Additional information Annex C.3
  14. 14.Additional information Annex C.4
  15. 15.Additional information Annex D